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Check here to learn about the different workshops and seminars relevant to externally funded research projects made available through the FRDO or in collaboration with the OVPR.

Working with the NSF Panel Discussion

Planning to write an NSF proposal during the next year? Come learn from current and former NSF staff and a recent awardee about working with NSF! There will be lots of time for questions. Speakers include Jessie DeAro, program director with NSF Advance and a program officer with the EHR Core Research program; Amy P. Chen, the associate director of UNM's Center for Teaching and Learning and a former Presidential Management STEM Fellow in the NSF Division of Earth Sciences and Lydia Tapia, at UNM computer science professor and NSF career award winner. Education and Human Resources (EHR) has a broad range of programs, and Amy's experience in Earth Sciences (EAR) included REU and instrumentation competitions. Planning a research proposal or a programmatic effort? Come hear from the experts! No tickets or reservations are required, but please click HERE or email to reserve a spot so we have enough refreshments and handouts.